About Us

About us

SPI Middle East is a rapidly growing Company established in 2005, our based branch in Egypt and we have representatives in (Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon ,kuwait , jordan ,  Libya , sudan and algeria).
Our mission
Is to continually communicate with our customers to as certain the problems and obstacles they face than to research & Develop new innovative, high –performance protective coatings specifically “TUNED” for energy conservation, aggressively hostile environment, custom exposures, unusual operating conditions supplying advanced technology, environmentally friendly, and energy saving coatings, and demanding end user requirements.
Our products
Classified into (Thermal Insulation and Fire control ((www.spimiddleeast.com) – Corrosion Control (www.spimiddleeast.com) – Sealants (www.spimiddleeast.comas paints, are applied on most surfaces such as, metals, concrete, wood, etc.
Approved and have passed international and local tests and certifications (ASTM, DNV, IMO, ABS, BOCA, Energy star rating).
Our systems
 Are ready to cure, insulate, and protect pipes, tanks, buildings, cooling storage areas, workshops, parking areas, floors, roofs, etc.